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A comprehensive sports management software solution, expertly crafted by Coaches and Directors, Scorbot seamlessly integrates essential business processes to streamline event administration, tournaments, leagues, camps, tryouts, and team management.

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YBOA Girls National Championship
6th Annual Summer Bash
YBOA Boys National Championship
May Madness
YBOA Super National Qualifier
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Event Scheduler

Effortlessly save time on event scheduling by utilizing our customizable Pool and Bracket templates, as well as our user-friendly AI-powered tools for quick and easy game time creation and editing.

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Digital Tracking

Scorbot has proven to be the ideal solution for a diverse range of venues and event organizers, offering a unified system for general admission, merchandise, and concessions with user-friendly features.

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Team Accounts

Our software offers powerful grade/age verification and player management features, simplifying the process for coaches to create rosters and providing easy access for event directors.

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Our flexible online payment processor gives you the tools needed to capture and manage enrollment. View valuable sales data, and get automatic profiles with every transaction. Offer personalized discounts, invitation codes, and promotional deals during the registration process.

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Public Advertising

Our Events & Athlete pages are the advertising vehicle for generating awareness. In this increasingly competitive and noisy environment, it is vital for event directors and program directors to differentiate and position their offering and quality of service from the competition and keep their brand top of mind in their audience.

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Our versatile platform allows you to effortlessly configure subscription plans with flexible expiration options, making it the perfect choice for national governing bodies and associations seeking a comprehensive solution.

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"Scorbot has been an amazing partner and service for YBOA. The platform has expanded tremendously over the years to meet our every need. Their innovation, trustworthiness, and superior customer service has been a vital contributing factor to our growth and success."