The Jefferson E. La MONT Memorial Classic [#1576]

June 03, 2017 - June 04, 2017

To All Coaches, Players and Parents taking part in the “2017 The Jefferson E. LaMONT Memorial Classic”

We here at Niagara District would like to take this opportunity to thank you for deciding to be a part of our event. It is our goal to make sure your experience is a positive one while taking part in the tournament.

Reminders: Coaches or Team Managers need to make sure they go over the Tournament rules before their first game.

Please be early for all games, our events normally run ahead of schedule. We tried to honor all scheduling issues. We have very little flexibility to make changes at this point, so if you still have an issue in the schedule please call to discuss it.

Again welcome to all teams and coaches and parents and good luck.

Richard Hill

Niagara District AAU Sports



* Home Team – Keeps the scorebook

* Visiting Team – Runs the Clock

* 5 – Minute warm-up time

* Grace period is 5 Minutes after Warm-up, After that game is considered a Forfeit

* 16 Minute Halves – Stop Time

* 14 Minute Halves for 5th and 6th Grades

* 28.5 Ball will be used for Women and 5th and 6th Grade

* Regular size Ball for all the Rest of teams

* 5 - Minute Halftime

* 3 Time-outs per Game

* Players are disqualified on their 6th Foul

* Bonus 1 + 1 on the 10th Foul --- NO DOUBLE BONUS

* Last minute of the Game – Both Teams are automatically in the Bonus

* Second Half Clock Runs if lead is 20 points or more. Return to Stop clock again if lead drops under 20 points.

* First Overtime is 2 Minutes, Second overtime is 1 Minute, Third overtime is Sudden Death.

* One (1) additional timeout per overtime. Timeouts carryover.

* Foul Shots – Players on the lane may enter the lane on release.

* There will be a 10 second call in backcourt because of no shot clock.

* Pressing – If a Team is ahead by 30 Points, they may not press at that point. Penalty is 1st a warning and 2nd a technical foul.