Niagara District Super Qualifier (Boys & Girls) [#1949]

June 09, 2018 - June 10, 2018

To All Coaches, Players and Parents taking part in the “2018 Niagara District Super Qualifer”

We here at Niagara District would like to take this opportunity to thank you for deciding to be a part of our event. It is our goal to make sure your experience is a positive one while taking part in the tournament.

Reminders: Coaches or Team Managers need to make sure they go over the Tournament rules before their first game.

Please be early for all games, our events normally run ahead of schedule. We tried to honor all scheduling issues. We have very little flexibility to make changes at this point, so if you still have an issue in the schedule please call to discuss it.

Again welcome to all teams and coaches and parents and good luck.

Richard Hill

Niagara District AAU Sports



Spectators must wear wristband on your wrist at all times to be admitted to the games and throughout the tournament

ADULTS $ 6.00



STUDENTS ages 5-18 $ 2.00


Competition Rules


AAU Dress Code Is In Effect For This Event


Bench Personnel/Dress Code 1. All non-uniformed persons on the bench shall wear Dress slacks or Khakis no Jeans, shirts with collars and sleeves and dress shoes or tennis shoes during play at the District Championships.

Shorts, jeans, sweat pants, athletic wear, tee shirts, hats, and open-toed shoes are not permitted.

The dress code applies to female bench personnel as well.
Women may wear dresses or skirts appropriate to the occasion.


NOTICE: The Turnament is an Age based program up to 14U.

Note: Age Eligible Players May Play on more than one Team within their Club.


Age/Grade 15U/9thgrade thru 19U/12th grade divisions only


Official Rules – The official rules will be the National Federation High School rules for the current year, except where modified by AAU Boys Basketball Rule Book.


Proof of Grade and Age: Must be available for review at all AAU Sanctioned Competitions

Playing Times:

Division Quarters Halftime/Warm up Times Overtime

5th Grade 14 Minute Halves /3 Minutes/ 3 Minute Overtime

6th Grade 14 Minute Halves/ 3 Minutes /3 Minute Overtime

All others 16 Minute Halves/3 Minute /4 Minute Overtime

Advancement of Ball the last 59.9 seconds of the game A Team may call a timeout and ask to advance the ball to the front court provided they did not try to advance the ball forward before calling the t/o. You can only advance on your timeout.

Time Outs:

Each Team will have 2 Full Timeouts and 2 (30) Second Timeouts to use when they want. 1 Extra (30) Second Timeout Plus unused in OT.

Player/Team Disqualification

a. All Non-athletes/coaches are responsible to see that their team meets alleligibility

If a player is found to be ineligible prior to the start of a sanctioned competition, the player will be expelled from the competition and the team will continue.
c. If a player is found to be ineligible after the competition has started, the player will be expelled from thecompetition and the team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player was listed on the official score shee The team may continue to participate, if applicable, without the expelled player.

Ball Size: 5th and 6th Grade will use 28.5 and all others will use 29.5


A player gets 5 fouls before being disqualified.

Note: Players may enter on the release on free throw attempts

Bonus on the 10th team foul per half.


For 5th Grade and older:

Teams ahead by 30 points or more at any point in the second half must play defense behind their three-point arc. First offense:Warning, Second and all additional offenses: 2 shot

Administrative technical


Must have Numbers on Front and Back and a Team Must have A Light and Dark Jersey


Note: All Jerseys Must Be Kept Tucked in at All Times during Play in the Game

All Bench Personnel Must hold a Current AAU Membership to be on the Bench.

Each Team must have a Person to work the Table