Cortland Shootout College Showcase [#2623]

March 20, 2020 - March 22, 2020

All Coaches, Players and Parents taking part in the “2020 Cortland Shootout College Showcase”

We here at Niagara District would like to take this opportunity to thank you for deciding to be a part of our event. It is our goal to make sure your experience is a positive one while taking part in the tournament.

Reminders: Coaches or Team Managers need to make sure they go over the Tournament rules before their first game.

Please be early for all games, our events normally run ahead of schedule. We tried to honor all scheduling issues. We have very little flexibility to make changes at this point, so if you still have an issue in the schedule please call to discuss it.

Again welcome to all teams and coaches and parents and good luck.


Richard Hill

Niagara District AAU Sports


2020 Cortland Shootout Tournament Rules


Arrive at the gym ready to play 45 minutes before your scheduled time. Gyms will open 30 minutes before the first game on SAT& SUN mornings.

Head Coach is responsible for attending to the medical needs of his/her athletes.

Head Coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her coaches, players, and fans.

Referees and the Tournament Director have the right to ask anyone to leave for improper behavior. No protests will be accepted

All teams must wear numbered uniforms

Visiting Team will provide the official timekeeper and run the clock.

Home Team will provide the official scorer and score book.

First team listed is the Home Team and should wear light (white) jerseys and sit to the left of the scorer’s table.

Second team listed is the Visitors Team and should wear dark jerseys and sit to the right of the scorer’s table.

Home Team will supply game ball (unless otherwise agreed by coaches).

5th & 6th Grade will use 28.5 size ball

7th Grade and older will use regulation size ball.

Playing time:

14 minute halves for 5th & 6th

16 minute halves for 7th and above.

5 minute half times. 5 minutes between games. Two time outs per half. Timeouts do not carry over. One in One – Shot on the 10th Team Foul - No Double Bonus Player Disqualified - 6th Foul First overtime will be 2 minutes. All overtimes thereafter will be 1 minute There will be one 1 timeout per overtime period.

The slaughter rule will be in effect - 30 point lead with four minutes left in the game, clock will run until team cuts it to 20.

A team may not press after obtaining a 20 point lead.

There will be a short ceremony following each championship game.

Team Trophy and individual awards will be presented to 1st place team