DRP Choose your Event! 3rd Annual Icebreaker (SAT) [#2837]

March 27, 2021 - March 27, 2021

Stop Clock Event!

3rd Annual Icebreaker is a travel basketball season kickoff event for boys & girls ages 10u to 18u. This highly competitive event offers a 2 game guarantee with stop clock. 

Hosted by DPR Events, the Icebreaker kicks off the Gulfcoast Series for exposure level teams.  Last year this event sold out!

Our exposure format allows you to play two per day and your games will be scheduled within a 4 hour period per day. This allow us to integrate the "New Normal" guidelines while allowing your fans, college coaches and scouts the opportunity to better schedule their time around your kids. We live stream most of our events for convenience and exposure.




1. If any player, coach, spectator, or staff is not feeling well or has been exposed to a person with COVID-19 within the past 14 days, he/she should stay home.

2. All players and coaches will receive a digital temperature check each time they enter the facility.

3. Admission is EXACT CHANGE ONLY (no exceptions). No change will be available for any transaction (see prices below). 

4. Teams and spectators are asked to immediately exit the facility after their respective scheduling blocks.

5. Sanitization methods will be used and available during and between games.

6. Each team is required to provide a game ball for the contest, to allow for in-game sanitization.

7. All spectators will be required to wear a mask and practice 6-foot social distancing guidelines (non-related spectators) anytime they are walking in, out, or around of the facility.

8. DPR Events reserves the right to refuse any patron, player or coach from entering the facility.


Icebreaker Rules

Games lengths are as follows:

Grades: 3rd – 6th:      (2) 14-minute halves

Grades: 8th – 12th     (2) 16-minute halves


Timeouts: (2) :30 second timeouts per half.

1st Overtime" One minute; additional overtimes will be Sudden Death



Ages 11 & Up

$10.00 per day....EXACT CHANGE ONLY!


(no change will be available for any transaction)


Ages 10 & Under

$5.00 per day



All teams must submit copies of the following forms at the game site of your first scheduled game

1. Accurate Roster



Each Team must provide their own warm-up basketballs and One game ball to provide in-game sanitization.