East Marietta Spring League 2021 [#2858]

February 26, 2021 - May 18, 2021




Dear Parents and Players,

Welcome to the 53rd campaign of East Marietta Basketball!! 

With an enrollment of over 1000 boys and girls from the 3rd through the 12th grades, our program is the most successful in Cobb County. Accordingly, the quality of the program is directly related to level of parental participation. In order to keep up our level of success, East Marietta needs your full support.

We also graciously welcome any additional funds through sponsor contributions and rely on your charitable contributions to our Joyce Fox scholarship fund. 

Each Team MUST provide a scoresheet plus a clock operator and scorekeeper for each game.


Games will be 10 minute running clock.  Clock will stop last two minutes of the second and fourth quarter.

Spring Season:  Players wear EMB T-shirts
Winter Season:  Home Team Wears White--Visitor wears Black Jerseys 



We have carefully studied the required safety measures and consulted with health care professionals. We are trying to create as safe of an environment as possible and these rules will be strictly enforced. These procedures were very effective during our winter session and we need your help and cooperation to make this season a success. Many other Cobb County Recreational programs have cancelled their seasons this year. These safety measures are what it takes to have basketball and many are required to comply with Cobb County and/or state of Georgia rules.   

COVID-19 Current Protocols (Subject to change if needed)

  1. Illness, Signs of Illness, Quarantining:  Parents, you agree you will not send your child to a practice or game while exhibiting any symptoms of illness, or if they have been exposed to anyone who has been ill or if they have been told to quarantine by the school or health department.

    These same conditions apply to coaches and parent volunteers, as well.   EMB should be promptly informed of all potential COVID-19 diagnosis among players, coaches, and their immediate household members, and you will be agreeing to promptly share testing results with a designee of East Marietta Basketball.

    Parent: Be sure to notify your son or daughter’s coach of any Covid-19 related cases within your family or any player quarantine situations. 

    Due to the nature of the pandemic, results of any positive tests or persons required to be under quarantine WILL be shared with impacted teams, players and coaches.  The league will follow Cobb County Schools and CDC guidelines and requirements for clearance to return to the program after diagnosis or contact tracing quarantine period.  Strict adherence to these guidelines is our best chance of having a full, uninterrupted season.

    Coaches:  If a player exhibits illness symptoms at a practice or game, ask the player to sit out and separate from the team area until a parent can pick up the player.  Same applies for coaches, assistant coaches and score table volunteer.  Also, notify your Commissioner of any Covid-19 cases or quarantine situations among players, coaches, or family members.

  2. Practices. Everyone will be temperature scanned before entering the building, including players, coaches, and score table volunteers.  Only coaches and players are allowed in the gym. The gyms will be cleared after each practice before the next group enters. There will be one entrance and, where possible, a different exit. At Fullers Park, you come in the front door and exit by the blue, side door nearest the football field.  If a temperature reads 100.4 or greater, the person will not be allowed in the gym.  Contact the league for the requirements to return to the program.

    Coaches:  Coaches do the temp checks upon arrival for practices.   Film crew (or coaches) do it for games.  The digital temperature device will usually be on a table in the lobby at each gym.  If you do not see it there, ask the office worker or school worker.  At Fullers, there is also an EMB supply box in the conference room where it may be.   Generally, once the first practice of the day uses it, it is left on the table.  And, the workers should put it out, as well.  Just leave it on the lobby table when you are done.  Ask your players to wait outside until you arrive at the gym and are ready to check in players.  You can temp check them outside, while waiting for the prior teams to exit.  Enter the lobby and gym AFTER the prior teams have exited.  Hand sanitizer is available at the gyms.

  3. Players must wear a full face mask on over both your nose and mouth UNTIL they get past the temp check-in and enter the court - for all practices and games. When the practice or game is over, put your mask back on.
  4. Coaches and assistant coaches must wear a full face mask over both your nose and mouth at practices and games at all times.
  5. No one is allowed at practices or games except coaches (one head coach and up to two assistants) and players. You MUST wait outside, sit in your car or run errands.
  6. Coaches will contact parents if the need arises during a practice or a game. 
  7. While waiting outside to enter, wait in your car or social distance in the parking lot.
  8. No one is allowed in early to practices and games. We will fully clear the gyms after each game before the next group comes into the gym. So, when done with practice/game, leave the gym promptly.
  9. Score table volunteers must wear a full face mask on/over both your nose and mouth at all times.
  10. Games: 
    1. At this time NO SPECTATORS will be admitted to the gym to watch games - NO EXCEPTIONS.  No sneaking in.  
    2. No one is allowed into the gym early. You will be required to wait outside or in your car regardless of the weather conditions. 
    3. Everyone will be temperature scanned before entry. 
    4. All games will be broadcast on YouTube for your family to enjoy.  The links to the YouTube channels are at the bottom of the EMB main web page.  There are different channels for each court (Fullers and Fair Oaks)
    5. Any documented COVID-19 cases will result in specific game cancellations for impacted teams with no makeup game rescheduled.
    6. Until further notice, post-game handshakes are suspended.  And, communal sharing of food or water bottles, including team snacks, will be prohibited.

We will comply with any additional restrictions placed on us by Cobb County or the State of Georgia regarding playing, masks/PPE, etc