Dawson/Forsyth County Jam [#3229]

April 22, 2022 - April 24, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Georgia YBOA Season

We woild like to welcome all of our new and returning teams for another season of YBOA basketball. 

Your team must register with YBOA prior to playing your first game. 

Click Here To Register Your Team With YBOA 

Your team will need to present a scoresheet to the table prior to each game. 
Use the following links to print a scoresheet :

Click here to open official YBOA scoresheet (html) 

Click here to open YBOA scoresheet (PDF - Recommended)

Your team will need to check-in for this event. You will need the following items for team check-in:

**YBOA Registration - This is your roster and coaches information that can be printed online after you register your team at www.yboa.org . 

**Copy of Players Birth Certificates

**Copy of Players Report Card or Progress Report

We will check your team in prior to your second game. Once we check your team in you will not need to check-in again until the YBOA State Championships/National Qualifier tournament. Please keep your check-in book with you for all YBOA tournaments.


Real Time Scoring, Team Rankings & More - ScorBot:

YBOA has now instituted a National Ranking System that will be unified for all YBOA events in all States. This will assist us in accurately seeding teams and for consistency through out YBOA events. YBOA Nationals and the YBOA Super National Qualifier events (formerly called YBOA Super Regional Events) will be seeded using the new, unified ranking system.

We offer real time scores via text message so fans can keep up with team scores and schedules. Simply text the phone number listed on your schedule with your team id (you can follow as many teams as you want just separate the team id with a comma or space) and you will get real time score updates to include your next matchup the time and location of the games. This is a free service unless your cell phone provider charges you for text messages.