ROCHESTER RUMBLE 2023 23rd Annual [#3469]

April 29, 2023 - April 30, 2023

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Welcome to the 23rd Annual Rochester Rumble. We’re glad you have joined us for this exciting event. We wish your team the best of luck and hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of my staff. We want to make your participation an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Please make sure FINAL ROSTERS are in by Thursday April 27th @ Noon.

LIVE! Scores & Standings:


The Showdown in B-Town is excited to offer our teams a free service for all sanctioned AAU events. You and your entire team can receive real-time scores and game updates on your phone throughout the tournament. This free service is available to all coaches, parents, players and guests.

To receive a text on your cell phone with game results and next game information:

  1. Text your Team ID Number to 234-542-6343
  2. Your Team ID Number is located on the game schedule next to your team name.
  3. You will receive texts with your team’s scores and next game information upon completion of every game.
  4. Sign up to follow scores and results of as many teams as you would like(separate ID numbers with comma).



Adults:$10 Day or $18 WEEKEND

Ages 5 – 14: $6 per day

Ages 4 & Under:

Tourney SHIRTS and GEAR will be on Sale:




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NYSHS Rules except:

Each team must have a score keeper at the scores table. NOTE, if you are the first team listed you are the HOME team and  you will need someone to be the OFFICAL BOOK and the second team listed will be the AWAY team and will need to do the SCORE CLOCK. HOME TEAM will wear light jerseys and AWAY TEAM will wear dark jerseys.
-Games are two 16 minutes, stop time halves. Exception: If at any point in the second half a team takes a lead of 20 points or more, the clock runs. If the lead goes back below 20 points, the clock will once again stop. If team is up by 30, they cannot press.
-Pre-game warm up will be 5 minutes. If a team is not prepared to play after the warm up period 5 more minutes will be put on the clock. If the team is still not ready to play the game will be considered a forfeit.
-Halftime will be 3 minutes.
-Overtime period- First will be 2 minutes in duration, with 1 extra time out. Second overtime is Sudden Death.
-Each team will be allowed (3) 30 second time outs per game.
-1&1 will be awarded on the 10th foul per half. Last minute of game both teams are automatically in the bonus. No double bonus foul shots.
-Players will be allowed 6 personal fouls.
-Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls in one game is excused from the next game.
-Each team must provide their own scorekeeper.
-11 & 12u Must Play with a women ball 28.5 unless both coaches agree not to.

-After games, shake hands and get your gear and garbage from the bench area. Have post-game discussions in an area other than the bench so the next team on can gain access to the bench area.

Foul Shots
1. 1st Space is left open
2. 4 defenders from defensive team and 2 from offensive team are allowed.
3.All rebounders can go on the release

Tie-Breaker System- Listed in Scorbot 



– Any age challenge, or any other protest, by an opposing coach will require a $100 cash fee- and an official form must be submitted.
-If you have back to back games then you will receive a 15 min break between games if you would like.
-Each coach will receive 2 wristbands for the weekend. Please keep it on for both Days. If you take off you will have to pay for admissions Sunday.
-Please bring AAU Cards or insurance for club.
-Bring a team ball for warmups. Do not dribble in any locations inside facilities except for gyms.
-Please bring Report Cards and Birth Certificate to the games.
-The official book is the home teams.
-If you Requested an athlete to play down: Items you and/or your coach must have present at each game: 1-copy of athlete’s birth document 2-report card that states 2022-2023 school year, name of school, name of athlete & grade of athlete.
-Failure to have eligibility paperwork for any athlete playing may result in removal of the athlete from the tournament & forfeiture of any game(s) in which the athlete played. All changes to rosters must be in by Friday.

– A player is allowed to play on multiple teams within the same organization as long as all Eligibilities and Requirements are met to play up or down in a division. The player Cannot play in the same age group for the same organization in this tournament. Exp: A player cant play for a 7th Grade team in the East Divisions and 7th Grade West Divisions. A player Cannot switch organizations. Players are not allowed to play with multiple organizations in the event. The first organization & game a player plays with in this event is the Organization that player is attached to for the weekend. Any player caught playing with Multiple Organizations will be removed from this event & the games will be considered a forfeit! 
-Coaches, players, parents and those attending this event must display good sportsmanship and conduct. Foul language will not be tolerated. Site supervisors will have the authority to remove all violators from the tournament-no refunds if you are removed.

– Please show up earlier for events if games are ahead of schedule and both teams agree to start early we will.
-Please make sure ALL TEAM MEMBERS know location of games.