LDB Fall League [#3571]

September 09, 2023 - October 15, 2023

Let’s Do Basketball

League Structure & Rules:

  • Divisions; Elementary, Middle School, High School JV and Varsity
  • Games will be scheduled 1-2 weeks at a time and posted on www.scorbot.com.
  • We will try to accommodate all requests, please understand that we try our best.
  • Game time is game time, no grace period; game will be forfeited if not ready to play at scheduled times.

Games start directly after each other regardless of scheduled time, therefore game start time may vary; Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled game.

  • Players must be wearing uniform for access to the gym.
  • Each player should have jersey with numbers on front and back.
  • Two coaches allowed on roster; other coaches or assistants must purchase gate pass.
  • Coaches can make roster changes throughout the season and no limit on number of players
  • Coaches are not allowed to move players down (i.e. JV to Middle School)
  • Teams will be allowed to play in more than one division, coaches discretion (i.e. JV may also play varsity)
  • Players can play on more than one team during the season (same division or up only) but can only play for one team during playoffs and championship game; Players cannot join another team if their team has been eliminated during playoffs and championship games
  • Gate admission may be purchased on-site by cash or card.
  • Please have exact change to help expedite the line.

    Adult (ages 13 & up)     Daily Band $15  Weekend Band $25 

    Kids (ages 6-12)  Daily Band $10

Game Rules:

  • Coaching staff and players only on the bench. Coaches please have your team to clean bench after game.
  • Home team wears light color jerseys and visitors wear dark color jerseys
  • Two halves with 18 minutes (Elem. and Middle) or 20 minutes (JV & VAR) running clock;
  • clock stops last 2 minutes of 2nd half if game
  • within 10 points.
  • First Over-time 2 minutes running clock, stops in last 1 minute
  • 3-30 second time outs per game (1 additional for over-time)
  • Time-outs do not carry-forward
  • Pre-game warm-ups 5 minutes and 2-minutes half time
  • High School divisions will follow Fall League structure: If fouled in act of shooting a 2 pointer, and the basket is made its an automatic 3 points. If basket is missed, one freethrow shot is taken for 2 points. If fouled in the act of shooting a 3 pointer, if the shot is made automatic 4 points. If is shot missed, one freethrow is taken for chance at 3 points. **Final last 2 minutes of game normal FHSAA rules**
  • Fouls- 5 personal fouls out of game; Team bonus foul on the 10th team foul; No double bonus
  • According to FHSAA (Technical Fouls, etc.)
  • Players must remain on bench if out of the game; Coaches must leave gym if out of the game
  • Teams bring warm-up balls
  • Home team provides game ball (if home team does not have a suitable ball, visiting team can provide game ball)
  • Zero Policy with abusive treatment toward referee/staff. Parent and their player will be asked to leave the gym.