Best of the Bay [#836]

March 13, 2015 - March 15, 2015

 Hello Coaches/Parents:

Thank you for participating in our basketball tournament; Once again, we have a "SOLD-OUT EVENT".   We anticipate an exciting weekend of competitive and clean basketball. We would like to provide you with a couple of notes prior to the start of the tournament. Please read carefully through every note so that we can make this a fun, organized event for everyone. As a coach you are responsible to understand/adhere to all rules/guidelines for this tournament. You are also responsible to relay the information to members of your organization.  Again, thanks for participating!

1.) Be sure to check the latest schedule to make sure you have updated times.  On the schedule, the first team is listed as home and second team listed will be away.  Wear your uniforms accordingly!

2.) There is a relaxed dress code for coaches.

3.) There is an entry fee required for everyone to enter into the building with the exceptions of coaches and players. Each team will only be allowed a total of 3 non-athlete (coaches) Max to enter free. Daily passes are $10.00 for adults(13 & up) and $5.00 for children 12 and under. Weekend passes are $20.00 for adults(13 & up) and $10.00 for children 12 and under. No one will be permitted in without paying the entry fee. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING INCLUDING NO COOLERS.

4.) You must have proper documentation handy that solidifies each player on your team’s eligibility to compete in their respective divisions. Proper documentation includes birth certificate, school report card, and/or passport. No other documentation will be acceptable. If there is any question regarding the eligibility of a player please see your site coordinator to address the issue. The site coordinator will then turn to the respective coaches to provide documentation to show the eligibility of the player in question. Failure to provide proper documentation will result in the player not being allowed to participate the remainder of the tournament NO EXCEPTIONS! If the game has already been played and a player is ruled ineligible than the team will have to forfeit that game.

5.) Please bring your own balls for warm-up time. We will not provide warm-up balls for teams!!! Head referee will choose a ball from the two teams for GAME BALL.

6.) Please be advised that games may be running ahead or behind schedule. Please plan to arrive at least an hour before game time as there is only going to be a short warm-up time in between games.


8.) We will present Team Trophies at the end of each championship game.

Thanks again for participating and I look forward to seeing everyone at the tournament! Good Luck!

Lavel Dumont 813-468-8084 cell